“Here’s my strategy on [internet marketing] – we win, they lose.”

- Ronald Reagan

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Rusty is an Online Advertising Expert of The Marketing Advisors Show

Perhaps Ronnie was speaking of the Russians and the Cold War and not online advertising in Jacksonville, FL.

And I understand that “warfare” references for online advertising might see a little harsh. After all, getting consumers to do business with you over your competition isn’t the most important thing in your life. Your family and health occupy that spot.

But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your online advertising isn’t a battle, a war waged for a limited number of customers. It’s a battle that MUST take into account the online positions of your competitors as well as take advantage of your strengths as a company. Detailed research and analysis on what your competition is doing and how your business can attack is key.

If you are squeamish about that I can recommend a couple of other online advertising companies for you to contact. They’ll talk to you about a strategy of “brand engagement” and “conversations” that will have customers desperately wanting to do business with you. Of course, it will all be bull squeeze. You’ve kept reading so maybe you do want your internet marketing company to approach it as a serious battle on your behalf? The type of strategic thinking (openings, strengths and weaknesses of the enemy, offensive, defensive, flanking and guerilla maneuvers) usually reserved for the taking of a strategic hill is the type of work that CODAN’s Rusty Winter does on your behalf. And it’s exactly this kind of work that no other company that we’ve heard of is capable or wants to do.[/toggle]

“The art of [internet marketing] is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at them as soon as you can. Strike as hard as you can, and keep moving on.”

- Ulysses S Grant

Before you bother to contact us, here’s a couple of situations where we won’t do business with you:

  • You are scanning the internet looking for the cheapest provider. In fact, if you clicked our PPC ad please refund us the money you wasted us (about 20 bucks). We aren’t the most expensive, we know that after talking to clients, but we aren’t at the bottom either. Those guys will do you more harm than good and you’ll be further behind then you are now, but by all means give it a shot.
  • Growth would be a pain in the ass. Seriously, there are businesses out there that are comfortable just the way things are. Where hiring new people, dealing with additional customers, and exploring new areas of business aren’t worth the hassle. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that (in fact, when we make enough money to buy a mansion in Bermuda, we plan on doing the same thing). But we are going to recommend things you haven’t thought of yet so there will be conflict that’s not worth it.
  • You know it all already and are planning on telling us what you are going to do, instead of listening to the experts.

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Want to know what your best potential customers see when they look for your business online? Want to know how well your current internet marketing efforts are working? What about what your specific competitors are doing? The exclusive Battle Report is the place to begin as you outline your Online Advertising strategy. Do you have any listings, citations, or reviews? How accurate are they? How many links go to your site? What are your main competitors doing right or wrong?

The CODAN Visibility Report is a critical overview as it answers what you MUST DO NOW to do to improve your online visibility before you ever make any investment or commit to a plan.

There are a few ways o get your Battle Report. Simply email or call CODAN Integrated Marketing Strategist, Rusty Winter, at Rusty.Winter@CoxInc.Com or 904-568-0433 or fill out the form to the right…

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